5 “LIVE Hacks” for HxGN LIVE 2018

I’m attending HxGN LIVE for the first time this year. Although I am sticking to the saying “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” I would like to share some of my experiences as they contain advice you may benefit from if you’re also attending the conference for the first time.

  1. Wear comfortable shoes
    The Venetian is a huge hotel! For example, it takes me 1500 steps just to get from my suite to The Zone, so you can imagine that it’s no unnecessary luxury to wear comfortable shoes. If this is a bridge too far for you (which I can totally understand), then at least make sure you take some band-aids with you. The good part of all this walking is that you can skip your workout in the gym!
  1. Bring sunscreen and sunglasses
    Las Vegas is a resort city in Nevada’s Mojave Desert, which means that it’s hot over here. Very hot. Not a fan of extreme temperatures? Don’t worry, if you stay inside the Venetian Hotel all day, you won’t notice this at all because of the air conditioning. However, if you want to grab some air outside between sessions, or if you plan to chill at the pool after a busy day, I highly recommend you put on sunglasses and sunscreen. Your eyes and your skin will be eternally grateful!
  1. Charge your phone
    Before attending the conference, I advise you to download the HxGN LIVE mobile app. Always at your fingertips, the app will tell you what’s happening and where, so you can plan your time most effectively. Use the app to view schedules, explore sessions, view the event activity feed filled with fun photos and much more. If you want to benefit from all this, you obviously need make sure that you have charged your phone sufficiently or alternatively bring a power bank.
  1. Don’t forget your business cards
    HxGN LIVE brings along many networking opportunities. I’m constantly meeting new people in the Zone, between two sessions, at the social events and even in the elevator. Fortunately, I brought enough business cards with me so I can extend my social and professional network!
  1. Go the extra 1.5 mile
    Although there are lots of things to do and see at HxGN LIVE, I recommend you leave the Venetian at least once to do some sightseeing. After all, we’re in the Entertainment Capital of the World! A must see are the Bellagio fountains with a spectacular show of thoughtfully interwoven water, music and lights. It’s only one and a half miles away from the Venetian, and after all the walking at HxGN LIVE, what’s an extra mile?


Nele Coghe
Product Marketing Manager
Hexagon Geospatial

Nele Coghe is Product Marketing Manager at Hexagon Geospatial with more than 10 years of experience in Data Visualization and Analytics. Nele communicates the value of several Hexagon Geospatial high performance location intelligence products (including the Luciad portfolio) to the market and she is driving the adoption of it.

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