A first-timer’s point of view from #HxGNLIVE

Every year I follow the #HxGNLIVE conference from afar via social media, but this year I was lucky enough to be selected to attend. I am genuinely excited to soak up everything that the conference has to offer, and hopefully this blog with help exude some of my enthusiasm.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this experience, but I can assure you I am trying to be as objective as possible when writing this: it would be so easy to be completely biased and say everything is completely amazing, overwhelming and wonderful … but in truth, so far, it has been just that.

From the moment my taxi pulled up at The Venetian & Palazzo resort, I knew this conference was going to be something special. I’ve planned plenty of events in my time, but the scale and size of this conference is simply mind-blowing. The effort, time and money its has taken to put together the event is easy to see, and the sheer number of customers and colleagues in one place is a sight to behold.

I spent all morning on Day 1 attending the various HDS training sessions hosted by my international colleagues and some external partners. Most interesting was a session hosted by Guy Cutting (one of our software product managers based in our San Ramon development centre) titled ’Cyclone Tips and Tricks: Hidden Gems.’ Considering I’ve been using our Cyclone software for over 10 years, I was amazed at the wealth of information in this presentation I simply wasn’t aware of, and you could tell from the furious note taking that the other 30+ attendees were also learning a lot from our in-house guru. This session was absolutely essential, and I am glad I made the time to sit in on it.

I also attended a session hosted by Technodigit, the developers of our 3D Reshaper meshing and inspection package. As always, Jennifer Ludwig’s presentation was fantastic. If you ever want proof of a sales engineer knowing their solution inside out, then you need to see Jennifer in action. There were some really amazing new tools on display that will get their public launch shortly, so sadly I cannot say more here …

One of the stand-out sessions in the afternoon was hosted by Mike Harvey, our senior HDS training manager for the NAFTA region. ‘Combining Point Cloud Data from Multiple Sources’ focused on pulling together data from the ScanStation P-series, Leica BLK360, Pegasus Backpack and Pegasus:Two mobile mapping systems. Using the powerful tools in Cyclone, he was able to show how all these different data sources, all with different levels of accuracy, could be brought together for analysis and deliverable creation downstream into Cloudworx, JetStream and TruView. The program was incredibly relevant, as more and more customers are moving towards a sensor-fusion approach using multiple technologies all on one job site.

At 5.30pm it seemed as if the whole world descended on the keynote presentation by Hexagon CEO Ola Rollén, simply titled ‘Limitless.’ This was really all about the shape of potential and opportunities for future growth. The key thread was woven around the limitless potential of humans and how we keep smashing down barriers, both mental and physical, to move us all forward at a faster pace than anyone could previously imagine. It was an excellent end to a long and tiring, but incredibly exciting, Day 1. I just need to find the energy to carry me through the remainder of the week: perhaps my energy will not be so limitless.

Paul Burrows

EMEA Business Manager HDS (Scanning)


Paul Burrows is the EMEA Business Manager for HDS (High Definition Surveying) for Leica Geosystems. He’s worked for LGS for over 10 years and is passionate about all laserscanning technology, software and ensuring customers of all skill levels have access to this enabling technology.

Twitter: @Paul_HDS

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulsimonburrows/

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