Are you ready to be a change maker?

HxGN LIVE 2018 is a brand new beginning for us and for you, and one filled with opportunities to learn, move forward, and change. I’m not going to lie to you; we’re all pumped and excited to be part of an event that changes people in so many positive ways.

Here’s what you can count on at HxGN LIVE – we’re tossing out the status quo. There’s no room for the “same old, same old.” That’s not why you attend this conference or what you’re about.

You’re working to shape smart change in a dynamic, ever changing world. You’re thinkers and doers. You iterate and build— then you break it and develop something new. You know this for certain: somewhere out there is something better. There’s a way to make your product, your solution, your company, even the world, better.

But to build a better mousetrap, you’ll need a better version of yourself. Keep learning, keep challenging the status quo, keep looking to the future, keep making change.

Change is everywhere at HxGN LIVE. It might start with a new product demo in The Zone. You’ll find yourself exploring this huge, 120,000 square foot beehive of technology and activity. Then BOOM! There it is— the thing you’ve read about but never seen in action. And when you speak to an expert about it; “Oh it can do that too,” you’ll say to yourself. “Now that is interesting. I can seriously disrupt the industry with that.”

You’ll hear great stories about how our world is changing. We’ve set up programme tracks according to your area of expertise. You’ll have meetings with those focused on solving the next set of complex challenges. People who do what you do, but they may have a slightly different spin on it—innovators who are definitely breaking from the status quo. They’ll share secrets to success and maybe you will show them a thing or two. Either way, we’ll all be learning, exchanging ideas, and preparing for what’s next in the industry.

Big changes in your thinking may come to you as you listen to our exciting keynote speakers. They’ll be talking about ideas like warp speed, quantum leaps, and 5D intelligence, so get ready to think BIG picture. We all have to think bigger if we’re really going to switch things up this year.

Get ready for HxGN LIVE 2018 and the big changes waiting for you at every turn. We’ll see you there!


Aaron Sutton,
Conference Manager

HxGN LIVE 2017Aaron Sutton, conference manager for Hexagon Corporate Communications & Marketing, manages Hexagon’s HxGN LIVE programme. He holds both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He has been with Hexagon Corporate Marketing since 2010. Prior to joining Hexagon, Sutton was part of Intergraph’s Corporate Marketing team helping organise their annual user’s conference.

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