Bringing digital and reality closer at Hxgn LIVE 2017: A look at the Geosystems track

From new software that simplifies point cloud processing to sessions that provided hands-on demonstrations of capturing reality, the Geosystems track at HxGN LIVE this week focused on bringing the digital and real worlds closer together than ever before.

Insightful sessions

In Geosystems’ four sub-tracks, HDS/Laser Scanning, Surveying & Infrastructure, Geospatial Solutions and Machine Control & Heavy Construction, expert presenters shared insights, user case studies and future trends around the use of digital throughout industries.

Jeff Shearer of the Portland Police Bureau shared how the agency used a Leica C10 laser scanner to map a major natural gas explosion in the session “Portland Police Bureau’s Investigation of an Urban Natural Gas Explosion with a Laser Scanner and Supplying Deliverables via TruView.” The detail of the digital point clouds from the scene led to confident decision making around public safety and validates public safety officials’ recovery plans.

Ted Miller of Leica Geosystems explored the evolution of traditional surveying equipment in “Putting Surveying Technology to Work – Four Simple Ways to Supercharge Your Productivity.” Focusing on the challenge of knowing how to integrate all varying sensors into a single workflow, the session taught users how 3D scan data can be used to improve safety and make more meaningful and informative decisions on important issues.

“The World in 3D: Demand by a New Growing Market?” explored the use of 3D technologies in airborne sensors and mapping. The panel of experts had a dynamic discussion and concluded there are many benefits of 3D data and still a need for 2D information.

Alastair Brown of DayJa View taught attendees how they could increase their profitability with digital data across entire construction sites through the use of 3D machine control solutions in “Productivity Gains Made by Moving 3D Models Directly into the Construction World.”  Through
examples from a leading United Kingdom contractor, attendees gained tips for valuable on-site productivity and efficiency gains.

Future-looking keynote

In his keynote “Perceptality – Fusing Reality and Perception,” Geosystems President Juergen Dold took digital realities to the next level.

“Digital realities are the true representation of the real world in digital form; they are at the heart of every successful project,” said Dold. “Digital realities have the power to fuse perception and reality before, during and after projects.”

Bringing the benefits of our perceptions together with the facts of reality, we can reach perceptality. Dold went on to share case studies where Geosystems technologies are fusing perception and reality, empowering the users to manage their projects with higher quality and efficiency.
During his keynote, Dold also launched the new point cloud processing software Leica Cyclone REGISTER 360 and demonstrated the new Leica BLK360 imaging laser scanner.

Innovative measurement technology

Throughout the 120,000 square feet of The Zone, the technology expo of HxGN LIVE, Geosystems technology was on display for hands-on demonstrations.
The biggest crowd pleasers this year were the popular Leica BLK360  and new Leica Cyclone laser scanning software.

The BLK360 captures the world around you with full-colour panoramic images overlaid on high-accuracy point clouds. Simple to use with just the single touch of a button, the BLK360 is the world’s smallest and lightest imaging laser scanner.

Cyclone REGISTER and Cyclone Cloud Services use immersive and integrated technology to fuse the real and digital worlds. Registration, visualization, integration and collaboration are all made more efficient and accurate, empowering users to work smarter.

Attendees also enjoyed “The Cyclone Immersive Experience,” in which the Cyclone software was debuted with the latest digital realities through headsets for plant monitoring, QC and/or client deliverables. While enjoying refreshments, attendees discovered the full effect of the software  and asked questions of the product developers.

Merging fame and reality

Attendees of the Geosystems and Mining tracks further mixed reality and perception at the social event “An Evening with the Stars” at Madame Tussauds. Mingling among the wax versions of superstars such as Elvis, Nicholas Cage and Shaquille O’Neal, attendees networked and enjoyed a fun evening of celebrity spotting. Jamin Becker, Sergio Castellon and Jeffrey Shearer won the celebrity selfie contest and were awarded a Hexagon swag bag for their excellent photo skills.

The Geosystems track at HxGN LIVE created personalised digital realities for attendees as they learned, networked and discovered innovative instruments, software and services. As Dold concluded in his keynote, we all are capable of walking the bridge from perception to reality to create our own perceptality. Be on the lookout for what’s coming next in digital realities at HxGN LIVE 2018, back here in Las Vegas.


Monica Miller Rodgers
Communications Director, Hexagon Geosystems

Monica Miller Rodgers, APR, is the Communications Director for Hexagon Geosystems. She holds a Master of Science in Communications Management from Syracuse University.

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