Building the bridge

It’s been five years now. Its been five visits to HxGN LIVE.

I remember the first year the questions were more about what was I doing here.  I knew the bigger picture, and I knew each year it was going to take time, teamwork and commitment to build Infinity to reach that level. Since then, though, each year the questions for what I was doing within the group of products shifted more to what was Leica Infinity doing.

Each year saw a new version of Infinity released. Each year I had more to do for explaining:

  • What is new?
  • What features have been added?
  • How is Infinity expanding?
  • How is Infinity supporting other sensors, other data formats, and additional customer workflows?

The past, present, and future of Infinity

Each year Infinity has grown the functionality supporting terrestrial data and GNSS data, and I started telling stories how connectivity was the message.  And each year had me walking to more sessions, hosting more presentations for sharing the messages of integrated services, integrated applications, integrated data path, integrated QC and reporting. Infinity enables our users to accomplish and cover so many workflows that its not possible to attend all the sessions where customers are discussing how they are using Infinity.

This year has Infinity taking that big step releasing a disruptive technology, a technology that compliments the GNSS data and the terrestrial data. The technology is generating point clouds from images captured from UAV and integrated in a way that allows more people to use Infinity to bridge the data gap, from the field to the office, and for more Hexagon products to use Infinity to support customers’ workflows.

I’m already thinking to next year and how our customers will be the ones talking about how many ways they use Infinity to get their jobs done.  I really saw this year how infinity is a connecting framework for Hexagon solutions, realising that big picture is getting closer. Next year I wonder how I will answer all the questions for how people can use Infinity.

Juergen Dold described it best- Infinitely connected.


Kevin Hason
Product Manager
Hexagon’s Geosystems division

Kevin Hanson is Product Manager for the Infinity Software suite within Leica Geosystems. Driving a complete geospatial solution supporting survey & construction users with data path and workflows to easily consume and derive deliverables. Kevin is a graduate of BCIT Geomatics Engineering program and focuses on practical approaches integrating support of new sensor technologies bringing added value for Hexagon customers.

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