Change becomes progress

Next week sees the businesses of Hexagon come together in Anaheim for HxGN LIVE. Entering a new chapter in the conference’s history at this wonderful California location marks an exciting time for everyone, particularly us within the newly minted Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence.

This will be the first time we’ve attended the North America edition of HxGN LIVE as Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence. Our new identity was announced just prior to last year’s Hong Kong conference, and our keynote session there explored the reasons for this change.

If Hong Kong was about change, Anaheim is very much about progress. We’ll be talking about – and showing you – the latest trends and innovations in manufacturing technology, as well as the progress we’ve made since our rebrand and the progress our customers are making as a result.

The Manufacturing Intelligence Track sessions offer the chance to hear our customers give their own perspectives on how Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence innovations are playing a role in carrying their businesses forward, as well as the opportunity to hear some of our own specialists elaborate on the direction in which our technologies are progressing.

Among these speakers will be Richard Noble OBE, who joins us next Tuesday morning to discuss the BLOODHOUND Project, his idea to inspire the engineers, scientists and innovators of tomorrow by building the first 1,000 mile-per-hour car and smashing the world land speed record. We’re proud that our technologies have supported Richard’s team, and look forward to hearing what he has to say about this unique project.

On Tuesday, we’ll welcome the man behind racing operations at Hendrick Motorsports, Doug Duchardt. His insights on using the ROMER Absolute Arm to keep his record-breaking NASCAR team moving forward are highly anticipated.

Speaking on Wednesday morning is the team behind the exciting MEGAROB project. An industrial robot setup guided by the latest 7DoF laser tracker technology, MEGAROB’s continuous monitoring and real-time correction capabilities demonstrate how measurement technology is evolving to take a more direct role in production.

Also new to our U.S. event is the Automation and Industry 4.0 Summit. It’s about the future of manufacturing, driven by data and automation, and explores the progress that is being made in making measurement quality drive productivity. And for a more hands-on experience of our latest technologies, visitors can immerse themselves in the world of Industry 4.0 in The Zone.

As always, I’m looking forward to presenting the Manufacturing Intelligence Track keynote, now less than a week away. I’m really keen to share some more ideas on the nature of progress within the world of manufacturing, and what that means for the future of our business. I hope I’ll see many of you in Anaheim next week.

Connecting, whether with customers, collaborators or other innovators, and creating opportunities to shape progress – that’s shaping smart change.


Norbert Hanke
Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence

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