Daily wrap-up of HxGN LIVE 2014: Day 1

If excitement were a tangible, moving, lucid thing—I think we would all see it, wafting down the halls, haloing the session rooms, standing solidly between conversations, even dancing down The Arena stairs. HxGN LIVE 2014 has officially started. Conference alumni are here; newcomers are here; and excitement, it’s here too—making itself well-known, surging at the threshold of all that is to come.

It is 2 June. We are in Las Vegas at the alluring MGM Grand Hotel whose very sites and scapes are wowing. HxGN LIVE, now in its second year, brings together all the Hexagon brands and while it’s only opening day, it’s evident that this conference will brim over with unforgettable memories.  In fact, that’s exactly the point. Great stories start here. That’s this year’s theme and appropriately so. In a short time, I have already heard incredible narratives of just how powerful Hexagon technologies have proven themselves to be.

However, before I get to that, I’d like to focus on the energy that apparently accompanied excitement to our four-day event. From the registration staffers to the throng of attendees streaming into Ola Rollén’s keynote series premiere and all the data he shared, there is this fresh feeling of innovation—a spirit of ‘smarter, better, brighter, bolder.’ I didn’t expect it to overtake me, but this is an energy I don’t mind adopting as my own. With this energy, everything comes to life—our best solutions, are most groundbreaking products and services—our great stories!

HxGN LIVE Mobile

I will be honest, as a newcomer it has been a bit of sensory overload, which I’ve quite enjoyed, actually. There are hundreds of options available to me, presenting endless approaches to learning new things. To be frank, however, of all things, I have been absolutely mesmerized by the HxGN LIVE Mobile App. I downloaded the app a few days before arriving and haven’t been able to keep my fingers off of it since. I think what’s most captivating is seeing all my colleagues’ cool pictures and interpretations of their initial impressions and experiences. I’ve even made new friends from simply recognizing them from the app. Besides the pictures and fun posts, the app is the perfect way to keep track of your conference agenda. It also offers a roster of the speakers and their upcoming sessions. Very cool, right? I could go on and on about the app, but there’s so much else that can be said about HxGN LIVE.

Keynote Series Premiere

I don’t know that I could have been more pleased with President and CEO Ola Rollen’s keynote address, ‘The Disruptive Power of Transformation.’ It sparked this incredible sense of ownership and accountability within to accept the charge as a working cog within the Hexagon machine as the brand network pioneers new insights and innovations. Met with factoids flashing the screen, detailing the state of the world, our natural resources and what we need in the future in order to sustain the population, I knew Ola’s words would be nothing short of visionary and solution-based. They were that and more. His address brought us closer to understanding environmental degradation and urbanization. But with the presentation of the problems, he also offered solutions: fantastic Hexagon technologies, using our tools to move from reactive work to preventative, predictive actions in order to create optimum workflow solutions. Simplicity, momentum, advantage, results, these were the tenets he shared that are at the cornerstone of our moving forward. “[We] are the enablers,” Ola said. “The ones [who]can make sure transformation is positive.”

Engage & Win

Following Ola’s keynote was the Press Play pool party, a primetime networking event and a welcoming celebration, at the MGM Grand Pool. It was great to feel the warm Vegas air and mingle about with other attendees over great food and drinks. Upon entrance into the party, we received a playing card for a game called Press Play Shuffle that encouraged us to match up with other attendees who held similar cards in-hand. It was quite a challenge and a lot of fun. I’m not sure I did as much card-searching as I did conversing with new friends, still a very valuable experience to me. The best part is this game isn’t the only one at the conference. From what I have learned on the conference web site, there are several ways to win prizes at HxGN LIVE.


Initially, I had a few worries about missing certain aspects of the conference. I soon learned this is an easy fix. With HxGN LIVE TV, there’s actually no way for me to miss anything. HxGN LIVE TV is everywhere I cannot be. HxGN LIVE TV is 24 hours of non-stop, live streaming of our conference—sharing our stories with the world. Viewers can watch events online using a desktop computer or any mobile device.

A Global Experience

What’s next? Well, from what I understand—everything! I am most looking forward to visiting The Zone once it opens Tuesday, I’ve seen a few previews second-hand, but I can’t wait to experience HxGN LIVE’s technology expo for myself.

With 3,500 attendees from 83 countries speaking 45 languages, I am well aware that this is a record audience for HxGN LIVE. As day one wraps, I am inspired to meet as many of these people as I can—excitedly sharing my story, exchanging my ideas and moving forward together.


Stephanie Johnson
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist


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