Daily wrap-up of HxGN LIVE 2014: Day 2

It is day two of HxGN LIVE and I must note the start of the day was a bit more subdued—but with good reason. Allow me to explain. There is still quite a buzz—it hasn’t vacated the premises, but today, I describe it as a concentrated hum, leading me to the understanding that our energies are laser-focused on our sessions, on our track keynotes and the invaluable bits of training that drew us here in the first place.

Today, the real work began as we explored a deeper layer of the conference and all it offers. While yesterday we were introduced to the overarching themes of simplicity, momentum, advantage, and results, today, we cozy up to our tracks and learn best practices and new ways of executing our goals in ways that are progressive, transformative and lend themselves to higher levels of productivity.

Innovation 360 – The Zone

‘Three American football fields of innovative technology,’ it is one of many conference taglines to deliver on its promise—this one described The Zone, HxGN LIVE’s technology expo. Showcasing more than 45,000 square feet of forward-thinking technologies and revolutionary stories from Hexagon’s global network, it was exciting to take it all in. From drones, scanners and printers—the technologies were as awe-inspiring to me as they likely were to the other conference goers. I think we will continue to talk about what we saw until these modernisations make a market splash. Until then, we will try to quell our excitement, or at least I will.

The Hub

At the center of it all was The Hub. Completely Hexagon-focused, this lounge-like space gave us a peek into the advancements that are soon to come from Hexagon. It was a complete synergy metropolis, highlighting dynamic stories about the groundbreaking synergies that exist throughout the global brand network!


Preceding it all were keynotes from many of the tracks. At the top of the morning Intergraph PP&M President Gerhard Sallinger helped us “Experience the Power of Smart Engineering” followed by “Great Metrology Stories Start Here, TODAY”, “Dirt, Diamonds and Data”, and “When? Where? And Why? The Power of Location” from Presidents Norbert Hanke, Juergen Dold and Steven Cost, respectively. Needless to say, it is likely that while blank pages may have walked with us into The Arena, they probably left full of ink and laden with notes.

All in all, the recurring sentiment that I’ve heard shared is the incredible networking. From chats over breakfast in The Zone to simply staying after a session to talk to a speaker, the connections we are making are what,  I believe, will truly power us forward in a conscious, intelligent, dynamic way. I look forward to more of that. That’s Shaping Smart Change.


Stephanie Johnson
Senior Marketing Communications Specialist

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