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For all of those who missed being at HxGN LIVE Las Vegas this year, here’s a recap of Hexagon Geospatial keynote, presented by Mladen Stojic.

In a world of constant change we are faced with exciting opportunities. But fear serves as a paralyzing and disabling force. With every opportunity we have a choice to fearlessly experience change.

Technology today changing at an exponential rate, and can be quite daunting. So what are these common fears that haunt organizations today? Fear of spending a lot of money on data, and not being able to capitalize it? Fear of not knowing how to inject new data new data sources into your workflow. Fear of not being relevant – of not providing answers, but just maps.

Not having the knowledge of technology advancements puts you at a disadvantage. To overcome this, you need the ability to quickly and easily combine analytics, covering all geospatial genres together with multi-source content from diverse sensor systems.

Hexagon Geospatial helps you produce dynamic, and experience-filled geospatial applications that solve the many problems and issues our constantly changing world is facing today. Just like a wind turbine can transform the kinetic energy of wind into useful power, we are transforming geospatial content and software tools into powerful solutions that are usable and make sense through ‘Project Windmill’.

Customers struggle with increasing IT overhead costs and difficulties associated with rapidly keeping up with new versions of our products given our annual release cadence desktop products online. At the same time they could not release sensitive geospatial data outside of their organizations. We identified a way to solve this problem with a solution to stream ERDAS IMAGINE and GeoMedia directly from the cloud to your desktop while not having to push your data to the cloud through Producer Online. Learn more.

Given the geospatial depth of the Power Portfolio, our partners and customers often build unique solutions that solve mission-critical problems. With the platform suite, we offer web and mobile-based solution frameworks for building geospatial enterprise solutions. This includes solutions for defense and intelligence, government, natural resources, mining, oil and gas as well as transportation.

We also recognize that our customers have a lot of existing data that they struggle to manage and ultimately use. Our new offering – a cloud-based service will allow you to upload geospatial content and then be able to directly access it from anywhere, at any time through Hexagon Smart M.Apps.

We also invite you to HxGN LIVE Hong Kong in November for the launch of Hexagon Smart M.Apps, along with the M.App Portfolio and Power Portfolio 2016.

View the full keynote here hexgeo.co/keynote2015


Yashita Arora
Regional Marketing Manager for Asia-Pacific, Hexagon Geospatial

Blogger Profile:
Yashita Arora is the marketing manager for Asia-Pacific region at Hexagon Geospatial. She has over seven years of experience in the IT and geospatial industry in areas such as marketing, communications, content development and presales. Yashita holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Geography, and a post-graduate diploma in Remote Sensing and GIS.

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