Five must-see technologies at #HxGNLIVE2018!

I’m officially five for five this year at HxGN LIVE 2018 – marking my fifth year attending our digital technology conference. I hope you’re getting excited, I know I am, because this year holds some of the biggest technology reveals ever for Hexagon!

Every year, the Tech Highlights programme elevates new and key technologies. This year, the programme will feature nineteen of Hexagon’s newest and most-captivating technologies, with eight of those nineteen launching onsite. Be sure to follow @HxGNLIVE social medial channels to stay in the know and get the scoop!

Here’s a preview of five cool technologies. You can catch these in action in The Zone or attend a session to learn more.  If you are attending, use the conference mobile app to locate these in The Zone or the agenda.

3D, 4D…5D?

We know about 3D, some have heard of 4D, but do you know what is 5D? Last October, Hexagon acquired Luciad, a leading provider of 5D visualisation and analysis solutions. This acquisition strengthened Hexagon’s ability to deliver smart digital realities, and a key component to achieve this is Luciad’s flagship software suite.

Luciad is bringing an exclusive preview to HxGN LIVE attendees in advance of the annual release slated for July. Luciad offers highly differentiated geospatial software that provides real-time analysis, visualisation, and interaction with all your geospatial data – from sensor data, to LIDAR, and 3D meshes. Now, you can analyse on-the-fly with Luciad and make mission-critical decisions faster.

Learn more about Luciad and Hexagon technologies working together in this HxGN TV interview with Marc Melviez, Chief Strategy Officer for Hexagon’s Geospatial division.

Zone: Solutions for Situational Intelligence (Demo # 22-2)

Sessions: 3007, 3008, 3211, 3215

The Right Laser for Your Project… Every Time

Announced at World of Concrete earlier this year, Hexagon’s Geosystem division unveiled a complete revamp with the next generation of the Leica Rugby line.

An industry first, the Leica Rugby CLA and CLH construction lasers are fully flexible to adapt to user application needs in the field through software upgrades. This functionality is vital to your projects’ success, based on a “pay as you go” model that allows you to access the features you need to do your job, without paying for the extra features that you do not use. Add professional services such as repair and calibration, and you can secure your laser’s exceptional performance for many years…every time.

Zone: Solutions for Building Construction (Demo # 27-2)

Real Value in Real Time

The race to Autonomous X has been in full-force for a while now, and Hexagon empowers organisations with the technology to get there. Last year, we announced at HxGN LIVE that we’re one step closer to the fully-autonomous mine with HxGN Mine VIS – I’m most excited about the fully autonomous car as the norm!

But before the tires hit the asphalt, there are a myriad of hours spent on engineering and testing until a model meets the standards for production. Tech Highlight, Adams Real Time (MSC Adams) removes weeks from the vehicle development programme by eliminating model translations between departments. To make this possible, MSC Adams offers the one tool, one model approach—one tool for high-fidelity simulation (one model) and real-time analysis for hardware-in-the-loop. Save tens of thousands of dollars by eliminating the error-prone model translations between different tools. You won’t want to miss an opportunity to test drive this new technology!

Zone: Solutions for Autonomous X (Demo # 26-3)
Session Number: 8037

Protect your Personnel

HxGN Mine Personal Alert is the first wearable device that offers proximity awareness and accident avoidance to protect mine personnel working and walking in heavy machinery environments, like open pit mines. Integrated with Hexagon’s comprehensive Collision Avoidance System (CAS), HxGN Mine Personal Alert is the first accident-avoidance device worn by field personnel that ensures visibility and warning to keep mine employees safe around heavy equipment. Be sure to preview HxGN MINE Personal Alert here.

Zone: Solutions for Mines (Demo #28-5B)
Session Number: 4009

Dispatch and Respond in Real Time

In mission-critical environments, every second spent responding to an incident matters. Intergraph OnCall® Suite offers real-time situational awareness and resource management for emergency personnel and first responders.

Users can dispatch services more effectively, monitor events and personnel more comprehensively, and empower responders with better and more accurate information. Don’t miss this tech demo in the Public Safety Island and learn how your team can make call handling and dispatching faster and more efficient.

Island Name: Public Safety Island (Demo # 35-1)

Session: 6001

Get ready to geek out in Vegas starting Tuesday, 12 June at the Venetian – see you there!


Michelle Jacobi
Integrated Marketing Programs Manager

Michelle Jacobi is an Integrated Marketing Programs Manager with the Hexagon Marketing team. She supports the planning, execution and management of Hexagon-wide strategic marketing initiatives. Michelle holds an MBA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the University of Alabama.

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