Get ready to meet Hexagon’s change makers!

Each year at HxGN LIVE, we hear from hundreds of attendees about unique ways they’re shaping smart change. To highlight these great stories, we’re excited to share with you the Change Maker blog series, which will showcase new technologies, trends and solutions — and the people making them happen. This series will focus on change makers from around the world implementing solutions that positively impact the future.

A change maker is someone willing to toss out the status quo and look at the problems we face in a new light. There’s no room for the “same old, same old” in their minds.

The people we’ll highlight in this blog series are working to shape smart change in a dynamic, ever-changing world. They’re thinkers and doers who iterate and build — then break it apart and develop something new. They know this for certain: somewhere out there is a way to make a product, a solution, a company, and even the world, better. They inspire all of us to keep learning, keep challenging conventional wisdom, keep looking to the future, and keep shaping change — because they know that’s how we will all continue to grow.

HxGN LIVE gives adults the freedom to explore new possibilities with a child-like inquisitiveness. It’s an event where technology you’ve only read or heard about comes to life. Have you heard of something amazing with 3D technology or AI from half a world away? Suddenly there it is —right in front of you.

In the Change Maker Blog Series, we will continue the work we started at HxGN LIVE by sharing more stories of shaping smart change with you. Stay tuned for developments in machine learning, the latest technologies used in crime fighting around the globe, new ways to keep us safe at work and at play, and much more.

So get ready to meet the change makers-— innovators who are breaking from the status quo. It’s a great way for us all to continue learning, exchanging ideas, and preparing for what’s next. Be sure to be on the lookout for these topics and more!

  •          Crime reporting
  •          Reality capture
  •          Machine learning

If you are a change maker in your organisation we would love to hear your story! Email us at

Heather White, Marketing Communications Specialist for Hexagon Corporate Communications and Marketing, holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Kennesaw State University and plays a fundamental role supporting corporate, internal, and conference communications.

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