HxGN LIVE: great ideas – even greater connections.

Much of what I do in branding and communications at Hexagon is about storytelling. Stories are the medium we use to convey ideas, share knowledge, inspire learning, and connect with others.

The interesting thing about an event like HxGN LIVE is that it’s sort of storytelling gone rogue, a tale fraught with unpredictable plot twists and turns. It has the potential to become a marketer’s worst nightmare, in that the narrative is one we are not able to control. HxGN LIVE is a story told by the collective “we,” a cast of thousands of intelligent characters with very different perspectives and approaches — where ideas may clash, the questions asked are difficult, and not everyone will agree. Throw in some jetlag and this could be the plot for a disaster movie.

And yet, it’s never once ended in disaster. The underlying reason is fairly simple and straightforward.

Because the people who attend HxGN LIVE are genuinely, I would even go so far as to say passionately, interested in furthering their knowledge and understanding of the challenges we face. At the end of the day, we go to HxGN LIVE to learn from one another, to learn from the best and brightest, and that’s what makes this conference so exciting, and at times bit of a wild card, to borrow a Vegas expression.

This Experience Will Shape Your Network

Wherever the discussions lead us, or the stories net out, HxGN LIVE is a place where people come together to work through and solve problems of every size in every country. We’re connecting the people who connect the dots that may one day change our future.

One of the most important pieces of advice I can give you if you’re new to HxGN LIVE is to prepare to expand your network considerably. Whether it’s valued partnerships or new friendships, there is no better place to Shape Your Network. That’s why it’s so important to think strategically about networking opportunities if you’re going to make the most of your time. Plan ahead but expect the unexpected.

  • Start by doing your research. Are there partners, prospects or colleagues attending you’ve only previously met via Skype or email? Make time to connect in person.
  • Prioritise key meetings vs. other items on your calendar and schedule in advance whenever possible. This is an information-packed conference but there are multiple opportunities for one-on-one meetings.
  • Make use of social media to reach out to meeting participants via groups or by using the event hashtag #HxGNLIVE. This can be done in advance of the conference or use social media to message and provide feedback onsite to speakers, for example.
  • Exchange contact information and take note of follow-up items as a way to stay connected after the event. Add colleagues to your LinkedIn or other professional networks.
  • You never know who may be on the elevator with you or sitting next to you at breakfast – take these unexpected opportunities to say hello to someone you admire in your field or a speaker you found inspiring.
  • Attend the evening social events at the incredible Venetian Hotel. Relax with fellow attendees and connect on a personal level.

Learn, see, hear, and interact all in one place – HxGN LIVE 2018. This event will shape your network and create lasting professional and personal connections. Register now while space permits. Great Stories Start Here!

Sarah Fordyce
Executive Director of Brand, Communications & Events

Sarah FordyceSarah Fordyce serves as Executive Director of Brand, Communications & Events for Hexagon Corporate Communications & Marketing. Fordyce holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and a MA in Design & Branding Strategy from Brunel University London. She plays an integral role in directing the vision and execution of HxGN LIVE. Fordyce has worked for Hexagon since 2010. Prior to joining Hexagon, she worked with Intergraph’s marketing department from 2004-2010.

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