Hexagon Mining at HxGN LIVE 2015

HxGN LIVE is a dynamic mix of education, innovation and collaboration. At the heart of all the sessions, presentations and networking is an important principle, a principle we at Hexagon Mining hold dear. It’s about listening to the customer.

While we’re always listening to our customers, HxGN LIVE is where customers can directly influence our technology. Hexagon Mining’s vision of smart change for the industry depends on smart people. We believe that a life-of-mine solution can only be realized by connecting the areas traditionally separated into silos.

Based on that united foundation, we are building the integrated products you need to improve your business. By connecting the technologies integral to mine planning, mine operations and mine safety, we are connecting people. And when that happens, companies become stronger, safer and more productive. For the mining industry now more than ever, that’s shaping smart change.


Hélio Samora
Hexagon Mining

Blogger Profile: 

helioHélio Samora was appointed President of Hexagon Mining in February 2015. Born and raised in Brazil, Hélio holds degrees from top universities in Brazil. He began his career at Semco S.A. followed by Sisgraph, now a Hexagon-owned business, and moved eventually to PTC, one of the top 15 independent software companies in the world. He spent 18 years at PTC and just before joining Hexagon Mining he was Area Vice President for PTC Latin America.

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