HxGN LIVE 2015: What happened in Vegas must be shared!

If you don’t know where you are going, then it doesn’t matter what path you take. I’m reminded of that sentiment from Alice in Wonderland, a tale many of us may have read as children or read to our kids today. Purposeless direction–that’s exactly what the stakeholders at the HxGN LIVE are trying to avoid, be it owners, EPC companies or other service providers.

“Information is Power.”

“Data is king.”

Move from “document to data-driven philosophy.”

We heard these thoughts expressed during previous HxGN LIVE events, but this year I’m observing customers who have actually internalised these ideas and are showing off their successes!!

Today’s “Innovative Technologies in Improving Operations and Maintenance Effectiveness” session brought a sense of coolness to the area of asset management/maintenance. I mean, who doesn’t like Avatars? The application presented was like a video game, but with a sense of purpose. Kudos to Intergraph and its partners for the amazing presentation. The benefits and the ROI they shared are all the more pertinent in today’s time when operating costs and inefficiencies in the system are under scanner. Mobile devices and their many usages are actively replacing paper, Enhanced tools currently exist that reduce the need to perform risk assessment and draft permits. And more recently, the use of Avatars for 3D Training simulation have the ability to quickly build scenarios before you even physically visit the site.

Hearing more about these and like solutions are insights I most enjoy about the HxGN LIVE experience.

As a professional, I tend to learn not only by attending sessions, but also by talking to the partners in The Zone. The point of views and perspectives found there vary and it’s fascinating to discover how industry professionals are solving problems from different angles.

This, my third visit to HxGN LIVE, been wonderful, a great experience. While I know the host city and conference venue changes next year, I am confident that Hexagon and its brands will continue to push the envelope in addressing new issues and challenges that customers are eager to hear about. Further delving into BIM (building information modelling) opens new avenues and it will be interesting to hear from and engage with customers next year who have transformed their operations somehow using this new platform.

In conclusion, as far as HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas is concerned, my thought is, “What happens in Vegas, must go out to the world!” There is so much to learn, share and collaborate.


Rohit Khera
Practice Director-Engineering and Manufacturing Services

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