Great stories start now at HxGN LIVE 2018

Day one of Hexagon’s digital technology conference has officially kicked off and it was nothing less than exciting! Attendees arrived to The Venetian, checked in for the conference, and began exploring all they could. If there was a way to measure the excitement and eagerness throughout the conference on this day – it would be through the roof.

As day one began, Hexagon customers and partners were geared up and ready to experience firsthand the innovative solutions and thinking that will Shape Smart Change in 2018 and beyond. It was really the day to deep dive into the technologies and applications that will impact our attendees’ professional development immediately through hands-on, immersive learning led by our experts.

The Zone was unveiled in day one’s grand opening and it did not disappoint. Attendees swarmed this technology expo to check out all of the new, cutting-edge technologies Hexagon had on display – it was impossible to get to everything in one day, but attendees sure covered a lot of ground.

The General Session led by Hexagon’s President and CEO, Ola Rollén was truly inspiring. His keynote encouraged attendees to consider the bigger picture, or in this case, The Big Leap. Ola discussed the widening gap between what is possible technologically – and what the industry is actually doing with it. Attendees left feeling energised – determined to take The Big Leap and create change in their own careers and industries.

The attendees started the night off right with the first of Hexagon’s primetime evening events, Leap Into the Night, which welcomed everyone to this year’s conference in Las Vegas. At Leap Into the Night, attendees relaxed and unwound in a comfortable neighbourhood block party with incredible cuisines, games, and even a silent disco – where attendees could rock out (or chill out) to the music of their choice. New connections were formed as attendees kicked back and networked with peers throughout night one.

Day one was such a success and we look forward to all that day two will hold!  Stay on top of everything at the conference this week and don’t miss a beat by checking back here for day two’s blog.

Get ready to be amazed! Welcome to HxGN LIVE 2018.

Aaron Sutton

Conference Manager

HxGN LIVE 2017Aaron Sutton, conference manager for Hexagon Corporate Communications & Marketing, manages Hexagon’s HxGN LIVE programme. He holds both a master’s and bachelor’s degree in business administration from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. He has been with Hexagon Corporate Marketing since 2010. Prior to joining Hexagon, Sutton was part of Intergraph’s Corporate Marketing team helping organise their annual user’s conference.



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