HxGN LIVE 2018 stories – Mining track official wrap-up

I first came to HxGN LIVE in 2014, part of a fledgling Mining division assembled by Hexagon with the acquisitions of MineSight, Devex, SAFEmine, and Leica Geosystems Mining.

I’ve learned a lot about Las Vegas since then: Where to find peace and quiet in The Venetian? The elevators. The best mix of recreation, food, drinks, and live music in one venue? The Brooklyn Bowl. The best view? Atop the High Roller observation wheel. The worst attraction after a milkshake, beers, burger and fries? The rollercoaster on the roof of New York, New York (trust me on this one).

I’ve also learned a lot about branding, or in our Mining division’s case, rebranding. Four years ago, we were introduced as a one-stop shop for all mining needs. Our mission was to shape smart change by optimizing design, planning, and operations for safer more productive mines. We intended to be the industry’s the number-one smart technology partner for integrated life-of-mine solutions.

None of this has changed. The pressure for mines to be safer and more productive is just as great. However, going to market with four product lines contradicted those core principles of integration and optimization. Plus, it was confusing for customers, who are busy enough running mines without needing to figure out a product portfolio.

Everyone agreed: we needed to rebrand our products.

Our rebrand efforts began with emails and spreadsheets, Webex meetings, and then workshops. One fact quickly became inescapable: Naming products is hard! Just ask any of the 500,000 businesses that open each month in the United States! Renaming products is even harder.

Aside from the costs of trademarking and rebranding, there are emotional ties to consider. Names represent tradition, history, and quality. The familiarity of a good name can be a comfort to employees and customers alike. So it was with our four brands and the 80+ products they represented.

As we realized the enormity of the task, our efforts culminated with a dedicated rebrand team spanning marketing, sales, product management, and product development.

After a thorough audit, we streamlined and simplified products into solution packages, more than halving the original number of products. True to our easy-to-buy, easy-to-use strategy, we created a new, descriptive naming convention, aligning our products across planning, operations, safety, and enterprise portfolios.

On Tuesday, four years after we first appeared at HxGN LIVE, we launched our rebrand. When customers toured Mining’s booth on Day 1, they finally saw a brand worthy of such great technology. The brand took further shape Wednesday, when we launched our underground fleet management solution, HxGN MineOperate UG Pro.

By streamlining our product packages within a simplified, easy-to-follow portfolio structure, we made it easier for our customers to understand how our offerings can support them.

Will it take all of us a while to familiarize ourselves with the new names? Certainly. Do I occasionally refer to my new-names-vs.-old-names cheat sheet? Yes. (But don’t tell anyone.) All of this is OK. Because Hexagon and its Mining division plan to be around for more than a while.

See you next year!

Neville Judd
Communications Director, Mining

Neville was a print journalist for 25 years before joining Hexagon’s Mining division in 2010 with a definitive brief: Make mining technology sound sexy. Hexagon is the only company to solve surface and underground challenges by integrating design, planning, and operations technologies for safer, more productive mines. It’s pretty sexy.

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