HxGN LIVE 2019: Day 2 Wrap-up

Day two at HxGN LIVE seems like it came to a close as quickly as it started!

My head is still buzzing from the exhilaration — technology launch announcements, great conversations and track keynotes throughout the day were exciting and inspiring.

Yesterday marked the first official day of breakout sessions at HxGN LIVE 2019. Each year, attendees consistently cite breakout sessions as one of the most valuable experiences at conference. There were hundreds of sessions, and there will continue to be more through Friday.

Just a few hours in The Zone is never enough time to experience everything this massive 120,000-square-foot-plus expo has to offer. The five products introduced today — Leica BLK2GO, Leica BLK247, HxGN OnCall Leica DSX and HxGN MineProtect Operator Altertness System Light Vehicle — were a few of many highlights that these technology enthusiasts explored.  They met with product experts who were available all day to answer specific questions about how these solutions can boost efficiency, productivity and quality.

There were five track keynotes that ran from the beginning to the end of the day. If attendees were unable to make them all (or you weren’t able to make the conference), not to worry — you can find them all here on HxGN SPOTLIGHT!

When evening arrived, the conference tracks hosted specialised evening events for HxGN LIVE attendees that proved to be a hit. With French-themed gatherings, concerts and even a country themed networking event — this was surely one night to remember.

With day two in the books, I look forward to continued learning in The Zone, more conversations with colleagues at tonight’s evening event at TAO and for this incredible energy to continue!

There really hasn’t been another year quite like this one.

Heather White, Marketing Communications Specialist for Hexagon Corporate Communications and Marketing, holds a bachelor’s degree in Communications from Kennesaw State University and plays an fundamental role supporting corporate, internal, and conference communications.

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