HxGN LIVE 2015 day 2 wrap-up

Day two of HxGN LIVE 2015 has concluded and I can still feel the excitement emanating from the waves of attendees headed to sessions and track keynotes. On Monday, our CEO and President Ola Rollén kicked the conference into high gear with an engaging keynote address that told of introspective stories of human ingenuity, innovation and Hexagon’s role in it all. In what was quite a special treat and an HxGN LIVE first, we were privileged to enjoy a presentation from famed photojournalist Doug Menuez. Menuez shared gems from his latest project Fearless Genius™, highlighting the brilliant minds that pioneered the digital revolution.

Yesterday, the real work began as we explored the deep layers of HxGN LIVE and all it offers. On day two, we were acquainted with the six tracks and working to learn best practices and new ways of executing our goals by leveraging Hexagon’s latest solutions. 

Innovation 360 – The Zone

‘Three American football fields of innovative technology,’ it is one of many conference taglines to deliver on its promise—this one describes The Zone, HxGN LIVE’s technology expo. Showcasing more than 50,000 square feet of forward-thinking technologies and revolutionary stories from Hexagon’s global network, it was exciting to take it all in. From drones, scanners and printers, the technologies were as awe-inspiring to me as they likely were to the other conference goers.

The Hub

At the center of it all was The Hub. Completely Hexagon-focused, this lounge-like space gave us a peek into the advancements that are soon to come from Hexagon. It was a complete synergy metropolis, highlighting dynamic stories about the groundbreaking synergies that exist throughout the global brand network!

LIVE Ideas!

A new element of The Zone this year is the LIVE Ideas stage. From this platform, each track gives short presentations, followed by an informal Q&A and open-mic discussion that provides a forum to discuss key themes within our industries.


Thanks to HxGN TV, I won’t miss any of the eight scheduled track keynotes. While I may not make them all, I will be able to view highlights from the keynotes online using my laptop or mobile device. HxGN TV offers 24-hours of non-stop, live streaming of the conference, which is helpful, considering there were a few keynotes I would have liked to attend.


Yesterday evening, we took in another primetime networking event, Innovation 360, which was held in The Zone. It was great to mingle with other attendees over great food, drinks and technology. During Innovation 360, many attendees took advantage of an Activate! contest opportunity to win an Apple iPad mini. We all wore our T-shirts, took photos with other attendees and posted them to our social media accounts to lock in our chance to win. This game, “Wear It, Share It Trio,” is just one of the many Activate! contests going on this week.

All in all, the conference has been an incredible experience and I look forward to more chats with colleagues over meals in The Zone, staying after sessions to talk to speakers and making connections at networking events.

Stephanie Johnson
Marketing Communications Specialist

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