HxGN LIVE Hong Kong: changing locations, changing times

This year is racing away and HxGN LIVE Hong Kong is rapidly approaching. As someone who has worked in Asia, I wanted to share my thoughts about taking the conference to the region and give you an idea of what to expect from the event.

Earlier this year, The Economist highlighted the fact that in 1990 China produced less than 3 per cent of global manufacturing output by value, yet now that figure is closer to 25 per cent. Factor in the extensive supply chains that stretch across the region, and the Asia-Pacific region is probably producing around half of the world’s goods. Of course, no part of the world is immune to economic peaks and troughs, but generally the rate of growth has been impressive, and I certainly feel that exciting things are happening in Asia.

Of course, for Hexagon Metrology, one of those exciting things is HxGN LIVE Hong Kong. As a company, we’ve always said we will be where our customers need and want us to be, and this is why we are so excited to bring the conference to Asia for the first time. HxGN LIVE opens on 18 November with the usual mix of inspiring keynotes, unlimited networking and must-see technologies – alongside some new ideas and innovations to support manufacturers, such as our Automation and Industry 4.0 forum.

Why should you join us in Hong Kong? Well, for our Asian customers, partners and colleagues, this is the first opportunity for you to experience Hexagon’s international conference tailored specifically to the needs of your markets and your business culture. And, of course, for our international friends, this is a unique chance to see how peers in your industries operate in another part of the world. Wherever we are, HxGN LIVE offers tremendous networking potential. But in the truly cosmopolitan location of Hong Kong, I think this opportunity is even greater than usual.

Planning for the Metrology/Manufacturing track is well underway, and without giving too much away, I can tell you that The Zone in Hong Kong will be spectacular! We will have a full range of solutions on display, while the industry sessions and keynotes continue the story we started in Las Vegas in June. I’m looking forward to revealing more about our roadmap and how we are sensing, thinking and acting to ensure that quality drives productivity.

The title of our track keynote is “Change!” And there are many exciting changes on the horizon for Hexagon Metrology. I always think of us as an evolving company, but looking ahead I can see big news just around the corner – and I look forward to sharing it with you in Hong Kong.

Revealing new innovations at a unique event in the company of your valued customers and partners – that’s shaping smart change.


Norbert Hanke
President, Hexagon Metrology


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