HxGN LIVE Hong Kong: day one of shaping smart change

Opening day at HxGN LIVE was everything we’d hoped for – a day filled with excitement and opportunities to network and exchange ideas at Hexagon’s first annual international conference held in the Asia-Pacific region. Thousands of attendees showed up from all over the world eager and ready to participate in the much anticipated HxGN LIVE Hong Kong experience. They were not disappointed.

Customers, partners, and industry leaders all took part in the opening day’s special events, including the inspiring keynote address “Why Shape Matters,” delivered by Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén on the virtues of innovation and the role information technologies play in shaping smart change.

Rollén was followed by Li Hongquan, vice president of Hexagon and president of Hexagon Greater China, who shared a first-hand account of how Hexagon is unleashing innovation and shaping smart change in China by enabling local enterprises to develop business models and products for the global market.

Attendees also heard keynotes from the Geospatial, Geosystems, Metrology/Manufacturing, Process, Power & Marine and Synergy tracks. But opening day wasn’t just about keynotes. Conference attendees were able to spend time in The Zone, a place where curiosity prevails and where they were able to observe real‑life applications of premier technologies in the geospatial and industrial sectors.

While in The Zone, attendees seized the opportunity to check out the interactive product demonstrations that showcased the impressive portfolio of innovative products Hexagon businesses have to offer.

Opening day ended with a bang, with a rousing welcome reception. It was a lively affair that ramped up attendees and prepared them for the superlative events to come. The reception also served as a reminder that attendees are in the midst of brilliant minds that share an enviable drive for genius that is shaping smart change in our world right now.

Today was only the beginning of what we hope to be a transformative, enriching experience for all conference attendees. Over the next two days, whether during events,  breakout sessions,  or  thought-provoking keynotes, we’re asking: how can we continue to shape smart change?

The next two days represent a unique opportunity to be inspired and create new and innovative ways to work smarter while shaping smart change.

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