Inspiring smart change at HxGN LIVE 2017

If you’re a first-time HxGN LIVE attendee and you’re reading this today, it’s likely that the events of day two left you with a renewed zeal for life. It may have also profoundly changed your frame of reference from which you will tackle future challenges of your profession. Don’t be alarmed. While that sort of thing is a normal occurrence for those of us already committed to shaping smart change, the recently initiated may find themselves amazed by this change in their outlook.

Without a doubt, the culprits behind this excitement are Wednesday’s highlights including the opening keynotes for each track, which dominated the conference yesterday and set the tone for the rest of the week. Safety and Infrastructure kicked off day two of keynotes with President Steven Cost explaining how the world will transform once we turn the concept of Smart Cities into a reality. Following was the PPM keynote with President Mattias Stenberg speaking about digital transformation and its impact in the industry. As the morning continued, Juergen Dold gave his twist on ‘Perceptality,’ a fusion of perception and reality. Each keynote spoke on the trends of the near future and how we can continue to innovate by rethinking our own self-imposed limits. Following lunch, Manufacturing Intelligence President Norbert Hanke took listeners on a journey from the past and into the future for his keynote, ‘Building the Factory of the Future.’ Once Geospatial President Mladen Stojic took the stage, he explained to his listeners how to escape the flatlands of technology and was shortly followed after the general session with Ola Rollén painting the picture of what it means to shape limitless potential.

Yesterday was full of excitement as Hexagon announced the launch of the most innovative technologies and ideas in the market:

  • HxGN Mine VIS, a vehicle intervention system that detects and prevents collisions by automatically slowing down or even stopping a haul truck if an imminent collision is detected.
  • Smart Digital Asset | Collaboration, the first phase of the rollout of the Smart Digital Asset (SDA) information management platform for industrial facilities. SDA Collaboration is the first online project collaboration technology architected to simultaneously build the owner operator’s digital asset during the project phase for use later in operations and maintenance.
  • Hexagon announced that it is creating a new smart factory and investing approximately 90 million EUR (100 million USD) to build a new production facility in Hongdao, China.
  • Hexagon announced OEM partnership with Smart Guided Systems to provide key precision-guidance technologies for various commercial applications through the company’s alliance with Kubota Tractor Corporation.

Our greatest limitations are the fixed representations of how we go about our business. We’ve mastered the idea of thinking outside the box and yet the box remains, blocking our full potential. HxGN LIVE day two was about our first steps toward ridding the world of these boxes completely.

After a long day of these especially forward-thinking keynotes on top of the multitude of innovative sessions offered in each track, our attendees were happy to unwind and beat the heat with our networking event, ‘Cocktails & Conversations,’ happily hosted at the Venetian Pools.

With so much inspiration packed into one day, we’re hopeful that you woke up today more energised than ever to effectively shape smart change in all of your pursuits.

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