Lake Titicaca monitored by ERDAS APOLLO

Beginning in 2012, our team at the Institute of Graphical Research, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés in La Paz, Bolivia, searched for a solution to store satellite images for the purposes of monitoring Lake Titicaca.

After considerable research, the team determined the best solution – ERDAS APOLLO from Hexagon. The fascinating thing about ERDAS APOLLO is that it allowed us to determine the effects of climate change on Lake Titicaca. On the south side of the lake there was an island called “Patapatani.” Old cartography and satellite images taken in the 1970s still show the island. However, according to images taken in 2017, Patapatani is no longer an island; it has become a peninsula caused by the descent of the water levels.

Other types of climatic phenomena can also be observed, such as floods during the rainy season, dry season droughts, blooms, and urban growth in neighbouring cities of Peru and Bolivia.

All this information is stored in a GeoPortal called GeoVisor UMSA, which continues to monitor Lake Titicaca and its socio-climatic phenomena. The portal, using ERDAS APOLLO, has become such an important tool that the governments of Peru and Bolivia have asked to participate in this project.

This year, I saw an important opportunity to participate in the Geospatial EDU Contest for HxGN LIVE 2018 with my students. The project was awarded an honorable mention and invited to participate in HxGN LIVE 2018. This motivated me to pack our bags and travel from Bolivia to Las Vegas and highlight our efforts to care for Lake Titicaca with ERDAS APOLLO.

Javier Nuñez-Villalba
Director, Instituto de Investigaciones Geográficas
Universidad Mayor de San Andrés

Javier Nuñez-Villalba is the  del Instituto de Investigaciones Geográficas, Universidad Mayor de San Andrés. @geobiker2, @GeoVisorUMSA

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