Making a habit of it: four years at HxGN LIVE

As a Hexagon Metrology customer for more than 15 years and a four-time conference attendee, I wanted to share my thoughts about the value of HxGN LIVE.

Over the last couple of years this has really been the spot where new technology has been introduced and where new software product announcements take place. Every year, I walk away thinking, “I don’t know if I can learn any more.” Then when HxGN LIVE comes back around I always think, “Well, we seem to learn something every year; let’s go again.” So I return to the conference and Hexagon always seems to have come up with something to surprise me!

Coming to an event like this has real takeaways for customers, and I have a great example of this in progress now. Last year I saw the HP-O optical probe here at the conference for the first time and one year later it’s something we are considering quite seriously for a particular application.

I like that this year was a little more focused on the automation theme; it is a personal interest of mine as my company has a well-established automation strategy for quality control. I was also a session presenter this year for the first time, which was a different experience and maybe gave the conference a different feel for me overall.

I was asked this week whether I come to HxGN LIVE for the technology or for the people. The simple answer is both; it’s a great showcase for technology, but it’s also a great opportunity to interface with people from Hexagon Metrology and with equipment users like myself. HxGN LIVE provides a better way to make connections and hold conversations that might otherwise be confined to a boardroom somewhere.

To anyone who is thinking of attending the conference in the future, but has concerns about the time commitment, the cost or the travel involved, I would urge you to just go! There are certainly advantages to attending. As I’ve said, I find something new every year. If you are looking for added value, you will find it at HxGN LIVE!


David Rose
Lead Quality Engineer, ECT, Inc.

Blogger Profile:

David Rose is a Lead Quality Engineer at ECT, Inc. Dave has 20 years of experience in the quality field with 15 of those at spent with his current employer. During HxGN LIVE 2015 he presented a session on automated quality control solutions.

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