My HxGN LIVE conference experience

This is my first participation in HxGN LIVE. I had expectations, but the first impression came as a real surprise for me. In my work environment, I am responsible for data-centric engineering and automation. So, with the exception of very few people who actually speak my language, most of my coworkers in Petrobras do not have the faintest idea of what my team has to do to keep all systems running. When the Design and Processing Engineering TUF started, my mind could not process what was going on in that room where everyone was speaking my language and talking about problems and sharing experiences in terms that only five people around me back in my office knew about. That was really mind blowing!

During the entire event I had the opportunity to get in touch with new technologies and ideas. Since there were only two people (including myself) who came here representing Petrobras, I was shooting a lot of videos to share my experiences in HxGN LIVE with my coworkers back in the office, almost like a live reporting crew. I was receiving feedback and they were asking questions and receiving answers from the experts. Sometimes they were voting on which presentation I should do so I could make this experience bigger than just what my eyes could see.

During the ceremony, Applauding Aces, my team received first place in the Platinum Valve Awards. It felt very good to be recognized for a work of so many years bringing quality to engineering projects. And it felt even better because I could see how extremely valuable the work was that the other recipients were doing – this gave me a sense that my team is going in the right direction not only within Petrobras context but also as a reflection of what was being implemented at other companies around the globe.

Finally, I got to make my presentation on the PPM track. It was about COOPERA, an integrated system that we have created in Petrobras for engineering database information quality assessing. It was very well received by the audience.

Mainly this event was very important for me because I also had the opportunity to meet a lot of people facing challenges that are very similar to mine. It was incredibly valuable being able to share ideas and discuss possible solutions together.


Filipe Diniz
Data-centric Engineering

Filipe Diniz graduated in Computing and Electronic Engineering in 2003 and finished his Masters Degree in Signal Processing in 2005, focusing on denoising, signal detection and pattern classification. By the time he was a D.Sc. student (D.Sc. is a Doctorate level equivalent to Ph.D.), he was teaching Electronics in Rio de Janeiro State University and began working at Petrobras, the Brazilian state owned oil company, in 2006, more precisely at their Research Center. There, his field of activity has been Engineering Design Automation for FEED (mainly working with CAE tools customization, engineering design database information retrieval and engineering consistency). In 2009, he concluded his Doctorate which focused on high selectivity filter banks for automatic music transcription. Later in 2009, he cofounded ProClass, a company which aims at offering courses in media editing computational tools. His share in this company was bought in late 2013. In 2014 he was also given a consultant position in Petrobras due to his technical expertise and experience. Since late 2014 he has been working with detailed engineering design mainly on Pre-Salt Replicants and Cessão Onerosa projects. As a side project he began developing iOS apps since 2015 and has two apps listed on AppStore. And finally since 2017, he has been working with digital transformation and machine learning.


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