My HxGN LIVE 2017 conference experience

I joined Hexagon in 2014. And as a newcomer, I was constantly told by whoever I came across within the organization about the event of the year, HxGN LIVE. It always made me curious to know more about this event.

This year, as I contributed to the development of this major event, I started understanding it better – the divisions, their work, the technology behind it. And I experienced it all for the first time at this year’s HxGN LIVE in Las Vegas.

HxGN LIVE is the “Mecca” of technology, with the latest technologies from Hexagon’s stable all under one roof. They have grown bigger and better, telling the world how Hexagon is shaping smart change and making a difference.

A technological extravaganza

What a start we had! I could feel everyone’s high energy as they looked forward to the week, which was kicked off with Hexagon President and CEO Ola Rollén delivering his keynote on limitless mindset. Speaking of limitlessness, it made me think that perhaps we have been able to bring together a show as rich as HxGN LIVE because of our strength to think forward and our ability to expand horizons.

This fact was further reinforced by the event’s massive technology expo, The Zone, showcases the great products and solutions from across all divisions of Hexagon. It offered a firsthand interface between our technology and its users, showing them what goes into making our cities safe, making infrastructure and construction better and how to empower our greatest selves with the power of data and information.

Hundreds of thousands of customers flew in from across the globe to witness the power of technology, attend superlative hands-on training sessions, hear to our customers’ success stories, network with partners and customers and, most important, discuss and deliberate innumerable possibilities that lie ahead.

The themed evening cocktail and networking events hosted by each division, as well as the larger conference-wide events, saw everyone opening up their lighter side and having fun.

Behind the scenes

Each day at HxGN LIVE had something new to offer. The event evolved as days passed by. To make all this happen, an incredible team of Hexagon employees worked relentlessly, putting in months of effort to stage this successful event.

I had the opportunity to work with various team members who come from a myriad of experiences, cultures and backgrounds, adding so much to the event. Meticulous planning, strategy and timing are so pivotal to any event, and HxGN LIVE has been a worthy example of it.

Having seen all this, the feature that stands out the most at this event is its people. Those we encountered – employees of the organization, customers and everyone who was directly or indirectly part of the Hexagon family – make Hexagon what it is today.

By not limiting our minds and realising newer potentials, Hexagon will continue its innovation and enabling technology to shape smart change.


Rachita Kar

Lead Consultant – Marketing & Communication, Hexagon Capability Center India

Rachita Kar is the Lead Consultant of Marketing Communications at the Hexagon Capability Center India (HCCI). She received her Masters in Communication from Hyderabad Central University and completed a PG certificate program in Marketing & Branding from Mudra Institute of Communication Ahmedabad. She is responsible for branding, marketing, and promoting Hexagon’s R&D unit- HCCI in the IT guild of Hyderabad. She has been with the organisation since 2014. Prior to this, her professional outings were with the firms specialising in advertising, media publication and content management.

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