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After attending and speaking at HxGN LIVE 2013 at the MGM in Las Vegas, this year I’m attending and speaking again at HxGN LIVE in Anaheim. And it’s good to be back! There are many benefits in going to HxGN LIVE. Let me point out a few that I particularly like.

Getting to know the new stuff
Many presentations are about new or improved technology. Both hardware and software. So much is going on. Hardware becomes more capable, easier to use, more versatile, as well as more dedicated. Software handles data better, quicker and with more streaming. There’s also a focus on integration.

In HDS technology there are two major leaps forward:

  1. In hardware, there’s the P40. Capturing data at a higher speed combined with higher accuracy and almost without noise. Too great to be true? No, definitely not! In my own presentation yesterday, I proved this to be true.
  2. In software, Jetstream is the magical word right now. Steps have been made. More steps are coming up. All together, this is a major jump. Key terms include reduced file size, streamed data over the internet and improved performance in all CloudWorx applications resulting in increased productivity for all parties involved.

And there is The Zone, where you’ll see even more of the newest and interesting technologies.
Meeting the developers
There’s nothing greater for end users than getting in touch with the developers! They can help you out with some issues you might be facing. But it’s even more fun to hear them talk about the things they’re developing right now so you actually get to look into the future! That’s worth a lot, as it almost always influences your current business.

Networking is very useful. And there are so many opportunities! The Zone is important, but during meals, presentations and dedicated network events, I’m meeting new people all the time, as well as spending time with those I’ve met before.

Being back in an innovative environment surrounded by the latest technologies and meeting like-minded individuals- now that’s shaping smart change.

Sander Schröde

Sander Schröder is Innovation Manager at Coenradie Surveying (service provider in landsurveying, HDS and metrology) in the Netherlands. He has 30 years of experience in pushing equipment and software to and beyond their limits, with well-developed analytical capabilities to use and combine multiple systems to achieve far more than the intended use of product.

This post is part of the Thought Leader program at HxGN LIVE. Find out how you can get involved at HxGN LIVE 2017 here.


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