Pulling back the curtain: a new employee’s view of HxGN LIVE

When I began working for Hexagon Geosystems in Switzerland seven short months ago, one of the first company activities I learned of was an event called HxGN LIVE. At the time, I didn’t know how much those two little words would come to mean or how much they would consume my waking hours.

Learning the Lines

My first experience with this international exhibition was a conference call across more than 10 time zones and with so many speech accents I couldn’t keep up. There was discussion about a demo area called The Zone and keynote addresses with subject matter that was beyond foreign to me.

I was assigned to promotions for the Geosystems Track, and while developing that plan, I had the opportunity to interview each owner of our sub-tracks:

  • Surveying & Infrastructure
  • High-Definition Surveying/3D Laser Scanning
  • Geospatial Solutions
  • Machine Control & Construction.

Over the next few months, as I wrote blog posts about these sub-tracks and created emails and social media postings around our own planned activities at HxGN LIVE, I not only learned about a conference but about a business – not only about a business but about the people who make it successful.

Name after name, I was introduced to professionals who live thousands of miles away. I exchanged emails and talked to dozens of people on the phone who were working hard to ensure this conference would be a valuable experience not only to customers but also for employees, especially new ones like me who are still learning the ropes.

As HxGN LIVE drew closer, I began to take on a few more responsibilities that increased my understanding of a seriously complex company and industry. When I began working on a script for HxGN TV, I was thrilled to see how much easier it was becoming to create messages in line with the company’s targeted achievements. I was developing ideas that were starting to make sense. Keynote subject matter became less and less foreign and more and more familiar.

The Big Performance

Now, on this third day of HxGN LIVE, what was once only a concept has truly become a reality. Actually being here in Las Vegas, meeting the people I’ve only known as a voice over the phone line or a name in the ‘To/From’ field of an email, brings to life a whole new level of the business for me.

Hearing customer stories about how they are using Hexagon Geosystems solutions inspires new and invigorative thoughts for company content. Learning from colleagues across Hexagon ignites ideas to improve our own current methods. Meeting new people creates valuable relationships to learn and benefit from.

HxGN LIVE – two small words with a big meaning.


Monica Miller Rodgers
Senior Writer, Hexagon Geosystems Marketing Communications

Blogger Profile:

Monica Miller Rodgers, APR, is the senior writer for Hexagon Geosystems Marketing Communications. She holds a Master of Science in Communications Management from Syracuse University. Follow her on Twitter at @MonicaMRodgers.

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