Daily wrap-up of HxGN LIVE 2014: Day 3

Wednesday was a huge day, maybe even the busiest of this year’s HxGN LIVE. Presenters posed key questions facing industries today and showed how Hexagon technologies are providing the answers.

The day was kicked off on an energetic note with the PP&M session “Digitising a Large Brownfield Plant and Exploiting the Value of the Digital Plant Asset” featuring Marc Carrel-Billiard, managing director at Accenture. Marc talked about how owner/operators are beginning to clearly understand the benefits of managing their engineering information and enabling various functions and disciplines to leverage trustworthy engineering information for their day-to-day operational activities.

Marc was joined by Faheem Khan, vice president of Leica Geosystems, Singapore, and Mirko Stock, senior vice president of Intergraph PP&M, Germany, who shared real-world examples of the world’s largest power plants and discussed the following three key questions that most owner/operators are grappling with:

  • How can you incrementally create an effective, accurate engineering information asset for brownfield plants that have been operational for many years?
  • How can you minimise the cost and schedule to capture the digital plant asset?
  • How can you maximise the value of that engineering information?

Attendees left the session energized and enlightened about innovative strategies for digital assets.

Just before lunch we heard from Kalyn Sims, vice president of Intergraph’s public safety portfolio; Lawrence Levert, technical director at Intergraph; Mark Doherty, vice president and CTO at Intergraph SG&I Canada; Michael Gilles, vice president U&C portfolio and Teresa Smith, Senior Vice President Intergraph for the SG&I Keynote “Perspectives LIVE: Five Big Ideas & One You Can Wear.”

Attendees joined these thought leaders for an active and engaging discussion about the latest advances in technology affecting our world today. Attendees discovered how Intergraph SG&I is transforming these big ideas into reality!

The evening ended at Hakkasan with the Primetime Networking event “Lights+ Lounge.” Everyone looked great in their HxGN LIVE T-shirts, and the club’s lighting revealed a surprise on the shirts that made the experience even more fun. Attendees experienced the many levels the venue offered and engaged in conversations while eating, drinking and networking. The lively atmosphere was the perfect backdrop for the final evening of the conference.

An additional thought – the Hexagon Thought Leader program is a new aspect of the conference, and it has been a great opportunity for industry professionals to share their views with our global audience. Our guest bloggers, podcast participant and authors for HxGN News are providing interesting and timely content designed to inform, inspire and engage. There’s still time to get involved – simply send to e-mail to promo@hxgnlive.com telling us what you’d like to do. You’ll even get a Thought Leader T-shirt if your contribution is selected.

It’s been such an amazing conference. It’s hard to believe that so much can be packed into such a short amount of time. We only have one day left, and I can’t wait to see what’s in store.


Kim Henderson

Marketing Communications Manager


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