Sensing, thinking and acting at HxGN LIVE 2015

When I was asked to be involved in the Metrology Keynote at this year’s HxGN LIVE conference, my first thought was “Hey, I’m busy; do I have time for this event?” But in the end, it sounded fun. I was able to juggle my calendar around to attend, so I thought, “Let’s do it!”

As it worked out, the keynote was just the start of an educational and thought-provoking week at HxGN LIVE, and it was a pleasure to take part. I had never been to HxGN LIVE previously and I had no idea what a significant event it is. The investment from Hexagon from a resource, preparation and support side is tremendous and should be applauded.

I’ve been a Hexagon Metrology customer for a number of years now. My company, B&B Manufacturing, is an operational excellence organisation. We believe in and embrace lean manufacturing and Deming principles, and it is these tools that allow us to continually improve the quality of our processes and remove waste, which in turn improves productivity.

The “Sensing. Thinking. Acting.” theme of the keynote I feel is something that resonates with all of us. As an example, on our drive into Las Vegas I used a traffic app on my smartphone and received messages that the app sensed a patrol car was up ahead. I then analysed the situation, thinking, “Am I speeding?” Finally, I may have needed to take action and slow down my vehicle to avoid a ticket!

During the keynote, I spoke a little about how our Hexagon Metrology 7.10.7 SF has moved the sensing portion of our quality control to the point of production. We are also working together on additional automated feedback loops to drive an active adjustment to the machine tool through a touch-probe or from sensing feedback from a coordinate measuring machine.

These might seem like diverse technologies, but since visiting HxGN LIVE I’ve been amazed at the breadth of Hexagons involvement, from the case tractor to the new CAM software. Walking through The Zone brought to me an awareness that I did not previously have regarding the number of different solutions and industries that Hexagon touches. HxGN LIVE is a well-staged and coordinated event not to be missed by those that want to see technology today and where it is headed tomorrow. I will be returning next year!


Jeff Lage
Vice President, B&B Manufacturing

Blogger Profile:

Jeff Lage is Vice President at B&B Manufacturing, based in Valencia, California, USA. B&B is a leading supplier of complex machined parts, assemblies and complete manufacturing solutions to a number of industry partners. The company’s key focus is the aerospace industry.

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