Seven Geosystems Highlights at HxGN LIVE 2019

Year after year, HxGN LIVE has been the stage to showcase how Hexagon’s Geosystems division is in relentless pursuit of ever-better geospatial and reality capture solutions. The new technology releases announced at the event are making the entire physical world more accessible with digital solutions that capture, measure, and visualise all objects and enable data-driven transformation.

If you missed HxGN LIVE 2019, below are the top seven highlights of what the Geosystems Track offered:

1.Beyond Reality. Digital Reality’s Next Frontier

Geosystems President Juergen Dold transported us to a never-before-seen world of possibility as he presented Beyond Reality. Digital Reality’s Next Frontier. During his keynote, Dold guided us through a journey from a birds-eye and underground view of cities to the depths of a mine where he showed how Geosystems is accelerating the digital reality revolution. Dold explained Geosystems’ vision to connect data to every workflow, person or system that needs access. During his keynote, Dold presented advancements in the HxGN Content Program, explained how we serve the mining industry with digital solutions, and introduced a new Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) solution as well as two new BLK family members.

2. Embrace Reality: The BLK story accelerates

Geosystems CTO Burkhard Boeckem showcased what it means to embrace reality and how the popular BLK line is accelerating business opportunities as he presented Embrace Reality: The BLK story accelerates. Featuring two hosts from the entertainment industry, Boeckem explained how new possibilities in industries never accessible before are opening up with reality capture technology.

3. Real-time situational awareness and continuous 24/7 reality capture with BLK247

The first real-time reality capture sensor for building security and operations was introduced – the Leica BLK247. Part of the BLK product line, a collection of reality capture, scanning, and photogrammetry hardware and software, the BLK247 uses LiDAR, 3D digital fencing and continuous scanning to monitor buildings and spaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Drawing on the precision and speed of the Leica BLK360, the world’s smallest imaging laser scanner, the BLK247 is an intelligent device that can alert appropriate staff of physical changes, expected or unexpected, within a space. 

4. The newest scanner in the Leica Geosystems BLK series: BLK2GO handheld imaging laser

A first-of-its-kind mobile scanner was announced at HxGN LIVE 2019 – the Leica BLK2GO handheld imaging laser scanner. The BLK2GO seamlessly captures 3D environments while the user is in motion, and continuously creates a digital representation of reality in the form of 3D point clouds. The BLK2GO’s compact and handheld design allows a much greater degree of mobility, as well as access to spaces and objects that may have been difficult or impossible to scan before. The BLK2GO is designed to scan complex spaces with unprecedented efficiency and speed thanks to LiDAR, SLAM (simultaneous localisation and mapping) and edge computing technologies.

5. Democratising GPR to locate trace and map utilities with Leica DSX

The newly-announced utility detection solution is about to democratise GPR technology, bringing it to less experienced users. The Leica DSX, a portable ground penetrating radar (GPR) solution for underground utility detection for users with limited GPR knowledge who need to locate, avoid or map underground utilities in a simple, fast and reliable way. Unlike other GPR solutions, users do not need to have expertise interpreting raw radar data and hyperbolas. DXplore uses a smart algorithm to generate digital utility maps within minutes, displaying detected results while users are still in the field.

6. New Cyclone 3DR Software simplifies AEC point cloud workflows

A newly-announced software delivers a simplified platform for surveying, architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) and tank inspection applications – Leica Cyclone 3DR. The new reality capture software fuses technology for centralised, full-scale point cloud management from Leica Cyclone with advanced, automated point cloud analysis and modelling from 3DReshaper. With industry-centric guided workflows, Cyclone 3DR includes a range of adaptable features for automating cleaning, modelling, meshing, extraction, inspection and reporting.

7. Filling the gap in critical monitoring with RockSpot

A new IDS GeoRadar release is leveraging data to protect workers and the general public in high-risk areas of potentially catastrophic events. RockSpot is a radar system that fills a critical gap in the monitoring of natural and engineered slopes. The system detects, tracks, and analyses the slightest movements from rockfalls, avalanches, and other fast-moving landslide debris flow. RockSpot creates real-time alerts that can be connected to on-site alarms.

HxGN LIVE Global will return to Las Vegas in June 2021, where again you can experience first-hand new Geosystems’ positioning, guiding and visualisation solutions and deepen your knowledge on hands-on training and immerse in game-changing technologies that are putting data to work at The Zone. In the meantime, visit to learn about other HxGN LIVE events around the world. 

Renata Barradas is the Communications Manager for Hexagon’s Geosystems division.

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