HxGN LIVE 2018: The future is yours

The late Stephen Hawking wrote, “The past, like the future, is indefinite and exists only as a spectrum of possibilities.” As scientists, engineers, software developers, and even marketers, our professions require us to be optimistic. Or perhaps, we’re born optimists and choose our professions. Either way, we’re a group of people who see potential everywhere. We see the possibility inherent in shaping our future.

The daily work before us can limit that feeling of possibility and keep us focused only on the near term. The week begins with a long list of tasks and subtasks waiting for us, with friendly reminders from the project management app of choice designed to keep us on track. Don’t forget a very important task is due in 30 minutes!

I actually see these two concepts as tightly intertwined. The futuristic thinking we’re drawn to is grounded in the accomplishment of daily tasks.  We can’t move boldly forward into the future without taking the small steps. Our goal should be to not lose sight of either.

When we think about the future from the perspective of a Hexagon employee or customer or partner, it’s on a fairly grand scale. We’re talking about dense cities and remote forests, high-tech manufacturing and design, industries that rely on us under the ground, on our oceans and in the sky. We look around us and think what can we do to make the world a safer place, to make our cities run smarter or speed up the pace of progress. These are some of the bigger challenges we all face today.

Are we up to the challenge? We need to consider how well prepared we are to take on these issues, personally and as a team member — because we are all part of a larger collective that includes the people we work with, “virtual teams” we collaborate with remotely, and those random encounters we have with people doing something completely unrelated, that often steer us onto other, even better, ideas. It’s our thinking, learning, data, and technology that connect us.

It’s this interconnected learning and collaboration, seeing the big picture and breaking it down into smaller tasks – that’s what happens in a place like HxGN LIVE.  Sure, you arrive in Las Vegas. You check in to the Venetian. You unpack. Then you dive right in. Whether you’re a first-time visitor to HxGN LIVE or a veteran attendee, all are welcome to participate in the process. And what a cool process it is.

What happens at HxGN LIVE is fairly unique in the business world, in that the focus is really on preparing attendees to meet the future. There’s not much time spent on recapping our past accomplishments. We can’t rest on our laurels when time is precious, and the future looms large. The speakers, the programme tracks, and the new technologies you’ll see for the very first time in The Zone are all designed to help shape your future. Here’s just a glimpse of what you can expect:

  • Unprecedented access to inspiring content including hundreds of technical, educational and hands-on workshops
  • Interaction with new technologies that will drive productivity and a competitive edge in The Zone, HxGN LIVE’s tech expo
  • Previews of future product roadmaps, to prepare for and be proactive in your business planning
  • Networking with other professionals and subject matter experts who will expand your knowledge and value within your organisation

Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your potential and Shape Your Future. Register now to attend HxGN LIVE 2018!

Sarah Fordyce
Executive Director of Brand, Communications & Events

Sarah FordyceSarah Fordyce serves as Executive Director of Brand, Communications & Events for Hexagon Corporate Communications & Marketing. Fordyce holds a BFA in Graphic Design from Savannah College of Art and Design and a MA in Design & Branding Strategy from Brunel University London. She plays an integral role in directing the vision and execution of HxGN LIVE. Fordyce has worked for Hexagon since 2010. Prior to joining Hexagon, she worked with Intergraph’s marketing department from 2004-2010.

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