The IoP connects to the heart of safe cities – HxGN LIVE 2018 recap

Product launches. Partnership announcements. Every year at HxGN LIVE, these elements are different. Yet, in the many years I’ve been involved with the conference, one thing remains constant: HxGN LIVE connects people.

During HxGN LIVE 2017, we revealed our Safe Cities vision – our plan to use a common platform that connects our technologies and creates Safe Cities solutions in the process. This year, we carried that vision and message throughout our sessions, training, and Zone demos because Safe Cities are critical to our customers’ needs today – and tomorrow. As Steven Cost – Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure President – aptly pointed out in his keynote at HxGN LIVE 2018, entitled “IoP > IoT,” IoT is an enabler, but it’s not the answer by itself. People make the difference. Creating safe cities isn’t just about connecting technologies; it’s about connecting the people and stakeholders responsible for keeping cities safe.

When I reflect on HxGN LIVE 2018, the conference has always been about connecting our customers with our experts and to grow relationships. It’s about connecting customers with each other to share ideas and best practices. And it’s about connecting customers’ needs with technical possibilities to build safer, more resilient cities everywhere.

If you couldn’t attend HxGN LIVE this year, here’s a recap of our keynotes, sessions, and other great things that happened in our track.

As part of our Safety & Infrastructure track, we featured three keynotes. In his keynote address, “IoP > IoT,” Steven Cost discussed how creating safer cities and communities is not only about what technologies are connected, but also about who is connected by the technology. Cost also discussed what’s needed to create smarter, safer cities is a smart digital reality – one that is digital first and data driven, absolutely connected, and innately intelligent. Claudio Simão, Hexagon’s Chief Technology Officer, also joined Cost on stage to talk about Hexagon’s new Xalt platform – an integrated framework that enables a totally connected workforce.

In our track’s second keynote, “Backstage Pass LIVE,” Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure Chief Technology Officer Kalyn Sims and Senior Vice President of Global Product Development Dan Retzer shined the spotlight on some of the individuals who make our cloud, mobility, and real-time analytics solutions possible. Sims and Retzer also discussed product updates, upcoming artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities, research and development, and cybersecurity efforts.

Our third keynote, “When Your Contingency Plan Fails,” featured Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure’s Senior Vice President of Americas Bill Campbell. He delved deep into how Hexagon’s solutions can provide the vital connections needed to make cities truly resilient when unexpected incidents and events happen. Winnipeg Police Deputy Chief Gord Perrier joined Campbell to share some real-world examples of contingency plans in action.

Insightful Sessions
Every year, we work closely with customers and subject matter experts to create and deliver engaging sessions for HxGN LIVE attendees. This year was no exception. Pat Brown, technical executive from Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), discussed how managing GIS and grid model data is critical to the future of utilities around the world. Tim Hannah, assistant director from South Sound 911, shared lessons learned from Pierce County, Washington’s multi-agency consolidation project. One of our HxGN LIVE sponsors, Hoverfly, delivered a session about building a public safety drone program in cities. Microsoft presented on data and cybersecurity trends as well as showcasing its connected patrol car in The Zone. We also had very informative sessions on effectively migrating to NIBRS, transitioning to FirstNet, and how data and analytics are changing utilities for the better.

For those able to attend HxGN LIVE, I hope you had a great experience and made many lasting connections. If you couldn’t make it, there’s always next year! And don’t forget to follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to get the latest news from Hexagon Safety & Infrastructure.


Kerry Fehrenbach
Vice President of Global Marketing
Hexagon’s Safety & Infrastructure division

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