The time lapse between Intergraph IGUG 1995 and HxGN LIVE 2014

Cars are faster, computer systems are faster, Internet is faster (Oh! I think there was no Internet in 1995, at least not as we now know it) and time runs faster. I was a young man attending Intergraph IGUG 1995 who was absolutely knowledge-free of computer-aided technologies and spatial data management. So I found that today is a great opportunity to create time a lapse movie to see what happened during those years.

Once upon a time, it was nice and valuable to travel long distances to meet people and retrieve a floppy disk or CD of the latest version of software. Now, software updates come without user interference. We have Internet for many things, but we still need to meet each other–that’s where HxGN LIVE is great. Here, we feel like family members instead of simply the end-goal of a quest to gain new customers. Here, I’ve watched the best keynotes I have ever seen and been able to see how many technologies and systems are integrated. Diamonds and data are the same and equally as expensive, I’ve learned. IaaS are already implemented and we are delivering it to many customers. At HxGN LIVE, I’ve better understood how we can integrate that.

As it was mentioned in the partner meeting, I am coming from a region with demanding customers. It is our work to teach them, to bring them new technologies and send their new requests back to the vendor. This has been our business over the last ten years. This conference presents the amazing view of  cumulative experiences from all parts of the world so that we can  return to our own homes with that knowledge. This week we have seen lots of new technologies, new business models, new approaches and still, there remains strong the traditional way of communicating with each other.

I have enjoyed the great entertainment too. Here’s to hoping David Copperfield utilises HxGN technologies in his tricks.

In summation, here are the four BEST things I experienced at HxGN LIVE:

  • Networking. This is most important. You meet-up with people you may have known many years, but haven’t seen in quite some time. Communication via emails, Skype, WebEx is good and efficient, but we need to communicate closer and have a lunch together every now and then. As it’s been told, someone had the great idea to collect best developers into one room to get best results; soon they developed Internet to avoid sitting together many hours and days, but keep good communication intact. After executing this idea, those businessmen and women learned that sitting many hours alone is hard, so they started to sit together but still communicated via emails. This is what happened during those years. Traveling to get software updates is difficult and expensive. We stopped to do that and lost a lot, we lost our networking. Now, however, it is back on track and better than it was before.
  • Watching really impressive Keynotes and meetings with managers.
  • Sessions and Trainings that were really concentrated and rich and presented a great exchange of experiences and stories from around the world. Receptions and evening Events. These events always test our staying power and make us really strong to ward off the threat of fatigue; but it is good test, those who survive easily recover and are fresh again in the next morning. Those who perform very well at this test are also good in business.


Andris Lapans

Project Manager & Co-Founder,



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Andris Lapans is a  MikroKods team member. Having made his start as an Intergraph Authorized partner in 1993, he has over 20 years combined experience in CAD, Geospatial and RDBMS. He holds a BA in construction and MA in engineering with a speciality in road design  from Riga Technical University in Latvia.


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