Training, technology and dialogue at HxGN LIVE 2014

This year’s conference started strong with great user attendance at the Global LTUFs Intergraph PP&M hosted on Sunday followed by the specific tool-track TUF that afternoon. The agenda was well organized, sharing general tools information and polling the Intergraph customers and experts, prompting them to share constructive thoughts about on Intergraph’s future development needs.

Monday’s scheduled paid trainings were VERY effective in offering hands-on exposure to multiple subjects and introduced a beta version of at least one new software upgrade. I eagerly attended that course and many other sessions that were available with the purpose of sharing best practices, enhancements, and etc. on other tools. There was a particular SPI training, “Introduction to the powerful new Query Builder and Engineering Data Editor,” that I enjoyed immensely. It too was well structured, providing attendees with an electronic tutorial guide that we could take home and access via Intergraph memory strips. This paid session not only shared advice and tips on the new interface from the leader of SPI Support, but also enabled customers to make wish-list requests to potentially aid IISDC developers in polishing the tool before its November release. Even more so, the course allowed healthy debate on Intergraph’s business-critical requirements leading to a reverberation of the topic throughout other sessions and within the conference as a whole. I believe our constructive feedback will motivate Intergraph to provide even MORE Monday training options at the future conferences, ideally presenting two sessions per software introduction.

On a less technical note, the decision to move the keynote series premiere to Monday night, followed by the welcome reception, was an exceptional idea. The Hexagon-driven presentation to the various attendees likely helped individual business leaders develop marketing and management-level pitches for their track directions. The food provided at the MGM Grand Pool, while attendees mingled and settled in to Vegas’s outdoor environment, was bountiful.

I look forward to seeing the vendors in The Zone, their demos and the dozens of available sessions through the week. I happily welcome more hands-on opportunities with multiple tools as well as chances to network and share perspectives with others in the global community of Intergraph application users.


Andrew Kunev

Americas/Global Field SPI (INtools) Discipline Leader

Guest Blogger Profile

andrewkunevAndrew Kunev is the Americas/Global Field SPI (INtools) Discipline Leaderworks for Honeywell Processing Solutions. He assists with SPI linkage requirements and technology direction for Experion DCS/SIS with Development Engineering & Marketing, maintaining global SPI specialist support, and sustaining diverse multi-office project execution to satisfy diverse customer contracted requests.  He has over two decades of experience in the Petro-Chemical (Oil & Gas) Industry.



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