HxGN LIVE – the ultimate way to shape your knowledge

Knowledge is everywhere. It’s on demand, it’s downloadable, it’s mobile. Our watches contain knowledge, our eyeglasses, and certainly our phones.  We can sit in our home and ask Alexa (or Siri or Cortana) to answer endless questions about Star Wars trivia just because we can.  The pervasiveness of so much knowledge makes it incredibly convenient, readily accessible, and at times, overwhelming.

At this year’s HxGN LIVE, we’re inviting you to Shape Your Knowledge. It’s an empowering concept really, a way to shake things up for the good of you.  Shaping your knowledge takes hard work, focus, and patience — and possibly a strong cup of tea. Our goal is to present you with a golden opportunity, make that multiple opportunities, to determine what knowledge to pursue, how you process that knowledge, how you will use it, and where it will lead.

Our keynote speakers will once again challenge your thinking and the industry’s conventional wisdom. We’re assembling amazing, thought-provoking programme content from experts within Hexagon, our partners, and customers. You can take part in hands-on learning, peer discussion groups, and real-world problem solving.

The idea behind Shape Your Knowledge is that we are all really good at something. We all have a super power. But we need to keep at it, keep refining that ability, because frankly everyone else is depending on us.

Our day-to-day work lives can get in the way of learning and doing what we do best.  We’re busy answering emails or going to meetings. At HxGN LIVE, we’re able to get energised, working through problems as a team and finding solutions. We see firsthand a new technology and think, “I know exactly how this is going to drive change.” We reconnect with colleagues and take a deeper dive into the technologies that are shaping our future. That’s the power of Shaping Your Knowledge. That’s the power of HxGN LIVE. What you learn here can transform how you approach everything you do moving forward.

It’s how I feel when I step into The Zone at HxGN LIVE. That’s my super power. For months, I meet with technology teams from every discipline at Hexagon. We discuss what it is they want to accomplish in The Zone, and what they want all of you, our guests, to experience. I manage spreadsheets, and design renderings, and demo concepts, and expectations. I keep many moving parts, moving right along.

And then one day, it all becomes a reality. A team builds this huge, 120,000+ square foot technological wonder in the middle of the extraordinary Venetian Hotel – and similar to how the Venetian’s impressive Grand Canal was built into the Vegas desert – The Zone is a place that defies reasonable expectations and defeats the odds.

Amidst all the lasers, scanners, and drones you’ll see flying around The Zone, the emphasis remains on shaping your knowledge. It’s this immense space that presents the overall picture of Hexagon and our capabilities, yet still allows you the freedom to interact one-on-one with technologies and people who will make a difference in how you approach city planning, data modelling, emergency response systems, and so much more.

What I like most about The Zone is that in all its divergence, it’s an expression of our commonality. We’re all here for different reasons, but at the end of the day we’re here to learn.

We can’t wait for you to join us in The Zone at HxGN LIVE 2018 to learn, try, question and experience it all!

Jessica Watkins
Conference Coordinator
Corporate Communications & Marketing

Jessica Watkins, conference coordinator for Hexagon Corporate Communications & Marketing, plays an integral role in planning Hexagon’s HxGN LIVE programme. She holds a bachelor’s degree in technical communications from the University of Alabama in Huntsville. She has been with Hexagon Corporate Marketing since 2014.

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