Unleash your business potential in the Reality Economy at HxGN LIVE

In the United States, money comes in the form of the green dollar. In Switzerland, trade is done in multi-coloured francs. And, in the Reality Economy, the currency is smart digital realities – where digital solutions connect everyone with intelligent data.

Trade in the Reality Economy comes in the form of digitisation – leaving analogue methods behind in favour of autonomous algorithms. In this new world order, business ecosystems become more connected and increasingly automated. When this happens, the potential for the business becomes limitless.

How do you join the Reality Economy and unleash your business potential?

1. Go digital

Just as in any economy, to participate, you first must have something to trade. By going digital – by leaving pen, paper, tape measures and stringlines behind and selecting digital solutions – you purchase your entry into this new economy. At HxGN LIVE 2019, there are several sessions to join to learn how put digital technologies to work for you, such as:

  • The Definition of a Land Surveyor is Changing — And That’s a Good Thing

Jason Stivers, owner of Stivers Land Surveying, shares how advanced technologies took his solo business to a global level with a diversified client base.

  • Digital Building Prototyping and the Real ROI

Forrest Huff, virtual design and construction manager of Korsmo Construction, explains how digital technologies in a renovation project brought the firm more than just profit in a thorough look at overall ROI.

  • Under the big top: Underground utility mapping of the Las Vegas strip

Jamie Bradburn, operations manager with Cardno, walks through the process of taking original maps and bringing them into a digital reality when the firm mapped underground utility assets beneath one of the busiest streets in the world, the famous Las Vegas strip.

2. Get connected

An economy only works when there are multiple parties to participate. Once a business digitises its assets, then it can connect digital operations to begin digitalisation, where strategic parties create an ecosystem. Finding others to join your strategic ecosystem is made simple at HxGN LIVE 2019. Networking events that bring together industry-leading experts, business owners, technology developers and more are built into the programme to provide the most opportunities to grow your network.  

3. Gain intelligence

Like any savvy investor, you must always be learning – following the latest trends and training on the newest technologies. Applying this information brings a competitive advantage that keeps your business relevant in this digital age. Along with hands-on training classes and exclusive Q&A opportunities with software developers, the HxGN LIVE 2019 Geosystems keynote will provide a visionary and insightful look into the next evolution of the digital reality where new ideas and possibilities are unleashed.

The Reality Economy is not the economy of the future but the economy of now. At HxGN LIVE 2019, you can gain the currency you need to become an active participant and unleash the potential of your business. Hope to see you in Las Vegas.

Juergen Dold, president of Geosystems, has been a part of Hexagon since 1995. Before joining Hexagon, he served as academic counsel at Technical University of Braunschweig, Germany, and in various management positions within Leica Geosystems. He currently serves as a member of the Supervisory Board of Basler & Hofmann AG, an independent engineering, planning and consulting company. Dold holds a Master of Science and Ph.D. in engineering.

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