Why should my friends and I register for HxGN LIVE Hong Kong?

HxGN LIVE Hong Kong will open on 18 November 2015 at the Asia World Expo conference centre. With a keynote intriguingly titled ‘Change!’, what will be the major differences for this year’s Metrology / Manufacturing Track? What can be expected? I’d like to take a few moments to walk you through the exciting points of this event.

  1. Nowadays, initiatives such as ‘Industry 4.0’ and ‘Made in China 2025’ are rapidly driving increased demand for information and intelligence in manufacturing. Hexagon Metrology’s new vision of sensing, thinking and acting – linking the data-gathering powers of metrology equipment, the analytical abilities of state-of-the-art software packages and the means to actively respond to problems through manufacturing tools – can become an important enabler in these programmes.
  1. We in Greater China have spent more than three years trying to bring HxGN LIVE to Asia. This is a rare opportunity we’ve created for our Asia-Pacific customers and business partners, and I urge you all to take advantage of it.
  1. In traditional shows, the demonstration area can be diminished by limits on time and space, and the crowded and noisy environment makes it hard for further discussion. The layout at HxGN LIVE Hong Kong is different. Our products – hardware and software solutions – will be divided into six areas by their industry applications: automotive, aerospace, 3C electronics, tooling and automation, heavy industry and energy and machining. This gives us the platform to show you the solutions most relevant to you in an environment that reflects the different stages of your manufacturing processes.
  1. Several hundred metrology users with diverse backgrounds will gather and communicate through this event. With Hexagon’s experience with its legacy HxGN LIVE event, we have the resources to make this first HxGN LIVE in Asia a resounding success.
  1. Visitors will not only gain first-hand knowledge of Hexagon’s latest metrology technology, but there also will be an opportunity to explore other Hexagon technologies including smart cities, smart utilities and safety and infrastructure applications. I expect these areas to be real eye-openers and to spark some great creative and cross-functional ideas.
  1. More than half of the presenters are from overseas and believe me, there are some outstanding technology experts in the world! Our Chinese speakers are all from top enterprises, institutions and education facilities within our country. In addition, there will be several chances to set up private meetings so our customers and users can interface directly with the top people.

In short, HxGN LIVE Hong Kong is going to be a great event and something you don’t want to miss! So come on – jump at the chance!

Zhou Liang

Executive President

Hexagon Metrology Greater China

Zhou Liang 1

Dr. Zhou Liang joined Hexagon Metrology Qingdao in January 2004 as Assistant Chief Engineer and has held several roles with the company before taking his current position as Executive President of Hexagon Metrology Greater China. He earned his doctorate in mechanical engineering from KU Leuven in Belgium, with a focus on precision measurement and precision mechanics.

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